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In addition to the propeller and spinner hardware, the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) propeller kit contains several documents with which you should become familiar. These include:

  • The STC document
  • STC installation instructions
  • Propeller owner’s manual
  • Airplane Flight Manual Supplement
  • A warranty card
  • STC Approval Letter – airframe serial number specific

The STC document makes it legal for your aircraft propeller installation. The STC document should be kept with the permanent records for the aircraft.

The STC installation instructions provide the information required to install the propeller, including any required placards or accessory changes. The enclosed owner’s manual also provides installation guidance. Be sure to mail in the revision service card included with the owner’s manual so that you will receive manual updates.

The Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) must be kept with the Airplane Flight Manual and must be available to the pilot. The AFMS will list any changes to the airplane Flight Manual, which are caused by the installation of the STC. Any item not called out in the AFMS remains as specified in the original flight manual.

A warranty card is also enclosed in the kit.

The STC Approval Letter is proof positive that your installation is licenced and recorded in the Hartzell Propeller archives.

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