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Propeller De-Ice Systems Backed With A Warranty You Can Trust

Date: September 2, 2014 Category: Blog
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Hartzell Propeller is well known as the world leader in propeller design and manufacturing, but we also provide de-ice systems that will keep your aircraft flying under tough conditions. Our aircraft propeller systems are rigorously tested to ensure reliability and effectiveness. There are over 80,000 aircraft in service today which rely on our de-ice technology. If those numbers don’t give you peace of mind, here are some that will: Hartzell is so confident in the design of our de-ice systems that we back them with an 18 month/2000 hour warranty.

If you have any problem with your Hartzell de-ice boot, we will cover the cost of repair or replacement and the cost of removal and installation. Our warranty is more than a business offering, it is a promise. Hartzell has lasted nearly 100 years in the aviation industry because we build only the highest quality parts. That is what we mean when we say Hartzell products are “built on honor.” If you are in need of a de-ice system, or are looking to overhaul your existing system, call Hartzell today.

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