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Propeller News You May Have Missed from Sun ‘n Fun

Date: April 11, 2014 Category: Blog
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News you may have missed from Sun ‘n Fun 2014

The article below was published on AVWeb last week while the Hartzell team was at the 2014 Sun ‘N Fun International Fly-in & Expo. We thank Premier for its assessment of our advanced composite propellers, and we look forward to seeing how the story develops:

Premier Expands Diesel Conversions, Switches to Hartzell Props

… Premier also said it will offer a new Hartzell prop for the Skyhawk conversion that it claims improves performance. With their harsh torque pulses, diesels are known to be hard on props, thus composite-clad wood has been the material of choice, a market owned by MT. But at Sun ‘n Fun, Premier Aircraft announced it will offer a new three-blade composite design from Hartzell on its late-model Cessna 172 conversions. The Hartzell offers better static thrust, shorter takeoff rolls and higher climb rates, according to the company. Evidently, Redbird has figured out the same thing and is using the Hartzell on its Redhawk conversion of the Skyhawk…

If you are interested learning more about the technology that makes Hartzell’s composite propellers stand out from the crowd, this article from the Spring 2014 issue of TBM Magazine delves into the engineering.

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