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5 Reasons to Start Your Flying Journey Today

Date: June 24, 2020 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , ,
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Interested in learning to fly? Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a new career, now could be a perfect time to take the plunge and start your journey to becoming a pilot!

Here are five reasons why now is a great time to learn to fly: 

Experience the ultimate freedom

Flying provides a sense of freedom and independence like nothing else. Especially if you own your own aircraft, you have the convenience and flexibility to set your own travel schedule, leaving the traffic and the hassles of commercial air travel behind. Hop in the cockpit for a weekend trip or enjoy a few hours flying above your hometown. As a pilot, you’ll discover new heights, escape everyday distractions, and get an entirely new perspective of the world around you.

Gain valuable skills

Learning to fly can give you skills that cross over into other parts of your life. For example, the situational awareness needed for safe flying can help you become a better driver on the road. Practicing emergency procedures will give you more confidence to make decisions and work through problems quickly. The process of flight training itself requires patience, self-discipline and a positive attitude that will carry over into other learning experiences.

Share the joy of flight with friends and family

Becoming a pilot is a rewarding experience and it’s even more rewarding when you get to share your flying skills with family and friends. Save time and money on family vacations. Visit long-distance loved ones with ease. You can also use flight to introduce your kids to STEM lessons or volunteer to fly for a charitable cause. The possibilities are endless, and most of all, fun! When you share the joy of flight with others, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

Join a tight-knit community

When you become a pilot, you get more than the freedom to fly; you also become a part of a supporting family of aviators around the world. The flying community is known for being welcoming and friendly. Whether in-person or online, you’re guaranteed to meet pilots who love sharing their knowledge and passion for aviation with fellow aviators. Consider joining your local flying club to get connected with pilots near you. 

Continue learning

One of the best parts of learning to fly is that you’re never finished learning. No matter how experienced you are, you can always improve your skills and learn something new. After earning your private pilot’s license, you can go on to pursue a variety of ratings and type certificates. If you enjoy challenging yourself to set and achieve new goals, flying is for you!

 If you’re thinking about becoming a pilot, there’s no time like the present! Visit the AOPA’s Learn to Fly page to learn more and find a flight school near you.

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