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MU-2 Airplane After Hartzell New Propeller STC

Recommended Service Facility Spotlight: Intercontinental Jet Service Corp

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At Hartzell Propeller, we strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers around the world. That’s why we assembled our global network of Recommended Service Facilities (RSF), made up of independent propeller repair stations that meet our rigorous standards for safety and excellence. The RSF network ensures our customers are never far from the finest propeller repair, maintenance, and overhaul services available on Hartzell products.

Hartzell Recommended service Facilities

Intercontinental Jet Service Corp (IJSC) is among the exceptional service facilities in our RSF network. We recently spoke with IJSC president Mark James and Heath Tate, Manager of Propeller Services, who shared more about the company’s wide range of services and capabilities.

Based in Oklahoma at Tulsa International Airport, Intercontinental Jet Service Corp specializes in the repair and maintenance of airframe, engine, propellers, accessories, and avionics for numerous aircraft makes and models, with a focus on turboprop aircraft. In addition to the facility’s designation as a Hartzell RSF, IJSC is a factory-owned and authorized Mitsubishi MU-2 Service Center, a Piaggio Authorized Service Center, a Cessna Caravan Service Center, and one of the largest Honeywell TPE331 Authorized Service Centers.

With numerous OEM certifications and service capabilities under one roof, IJSC offers customers a one-stop-shop for many of their aircraft maintenance and repair needs.

“It’s always been our goal to be affiliated with the best-of-the-best in the aviation industry,” said James. “It’s undeniable that Hartzell Propeller is one of those leaders. From the very beginning, when we decided to add a propeller overhaul program, we knew we wanted to be able to work closely with Hartzell.”

4-blade Hartzell Propeller at IJSC

As an RSF, IJSC’s propeller shop is audited periodically by Hartzell, and its certified technicians receive ongoing training on the latest product developments and technical improvements.

“We’re serious about investing in continuing education and training, especially when it comes to the latest composite blade technology,” said Tate, who manages IJSC’s 10,000 square-foot propeller repair facility.        


Because the prop shop is conveniently located next to IJSC’s large maintenance facility on Tulsa International Airport, customers can fly there directly or arrange to have their propeller picked up and delivered. On-site hangar space ensures aircraft are well-protected while being serviced.

In many cases, customers are able to schedule a propeller overhaul at the same time as another maintenance inspection or interior avionics upgrade to reduce flight downtime.

“Providing a wide range of services means we can do more in-house, instead of sending components outside of our facility for maintenance,” explained James. “This gives us greater control and oversight over the budget, schedule, and quality of repairs on the aircraft we’re servicing. It’s an added benefit for our customers and something that’s very unique among propeller shops.”

Another advantage of IJSC’s partnership with Hartzell Propeller is the opportunity for close collaboration. Recently, IJSC obtained a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Hartzell Propeller’s scimitar four-blade aluminum prop installations on MU-2 twin-engine aircraft. With this STC, many MU-2 operators now have an opportunity for optimized performance with a much more economical and convenient time between overhaul.

With decades of expertise and a strong reputation for superior service, Intercontinental Jet Service Corp has earned a well-deserved place among Hartzell Propeller’s elite group of Recommended Service Facilities. To learn more about Intercontinental Service Jet Corp, visit their website.

Located throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Hartzell’s selected RSFs guarantee that owners and operators are always a short flight or drive away from a repair center.

Find your nearest Hartzell’s Recommended Service Facility here.

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