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RV6 Builder Shares His Story:

Date: August 13, 2015 Category: Blog
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Ken Cantrell has been a pilot since 1967. He has flown as an aerobatic performer and is currently  working as an aerial photographer.  Ken recently wrote a story for Disciples of Flight about the experience of building an RV6. The article is fascinating and includes some of Ken’s incredible photography, but it was of particular interest to the Hartzell team for two reasons. First, the Hartzell team has also experienced the thrill of building an RV aircraft, and second, Ken had some very kind words about our industry-leading props.

Here’s what Ken wrote:

“I also installed a Hartzell constant speed propeller. This weighs more than the fixed pitch propeller, but allows for better performance from the engine.”

We appreciate Ken taking the time to point out that he trusted Hartzell with his RV6 build. We put countless hours into the development and manufacture of our products, and we don’t often get to see the moment of flight when all that work pays off. It’s especially gratifying to hear from a homebuilder, because they are some of the most passionate pilots anywhere.

Check out the video below to see Ken’s beautiful experimental aircraft in action:

Hartzell Propeller