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See Our New Trailblazer “Bush Prop” in Action

Date: May 14, 2014 Category: Blog
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You may already have heard about The Trailblazer, our new two-blade composite propeller for back country flying. If you haven’t, you can click here to read our previous report on the prop. But, we believe words just don’t do justice to The Trailblazer’s game-changing performance.  You have to see this propeller in action to truly understand the Trailblazer’s potential. Mike Trudeau, the manager of our Top Prop propeller overhaul program, sent back this video from his recent trip to Alaska. It shows a Cessna 175 making an astoundingly short takeoff with The Trailblazer. The Hartzell engineering team worked tirelessly to make this type of performance possible; you have to see for yourself:


To find out more about The Trailblazer and the rest of our Top Prop line of advanced composite airplane propellers, contact us.

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