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The FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPNs) alert and advise the aviation community about the possibility of unairworthy and/or unapproved parts having been placed in service. Hartzell has compiled a collection of Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPNs) that may affect Hartzell propellers currently in service, or propeller maintenance facilities that may be utilized by owners and operators of Hartzell propellers. Also included is a summary listing of FAA notifications (Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins, FAA Advisory Circulars, Unapproved Parts Notifications), in PDF format, that can be viewed online or downloaded.

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Title Full/Partial Date Description Revision
Summary of Other FAA Notifications Full Document Sep 24, 2010 Summary List of other FAA Notifications (FAA Advisory Circulars, Unapproved Parts Notificaitons, Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins)that affect Hartzell Propellers
UPN 2004-00146 Full Document Jun 13, 2005 CSE has approved propellers for return to service that were not overhauled in compliance with prescribed methods
UPN 2004-00041 Full Document Jun 15, 2005 Millennium Propeller Systems, Inc. (Millennium) Improperly maintained and approved for return to service. Propellers applicable to various types of aircraft.
UPN 2004-00120 Full Document Dec 24, 2004 Prop Center, El Cajon, CA, Improperly maintained and approved for return to service propellers and propeller governors
UPN 2003-00142 Full Document Mar 31, 2003 Regarding propellers maintained by T and W Propellers, Inc.
UPN 99-147 Full Document Jul 17, 2000 Precision Propellers, Inc. is not qualified to perform the cold compression roll process required
UPN 97-012 Full Document Jul 26, 2000 Affected parts: All propellers maintained, altered or approved for return to service by Thunderbird Propellers, Inc., of Bethany, OK.
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