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Read current versions of FAA approved manuals to operate and maintain your Hartzell propeller. All of these manuals are available as a free download.

Hartzell Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s Manuals provide routinely needed information for a pilot, owner or mechanic to properly operate and maintain any Hartzell propeller, regardless of aircraft installation.

Hartzell Non-Aviation Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s Manuals for Hovercraft and Wing-In-Ground-Effect (WIG).

Hartzell Field Maintenance Manuals

Hartzell specialty manuals provide information most commonly referenced by aircraft mechanics, including tooling, approved consumable materials, and maintenance and repair information for composite blades and metal spinners.

Ice Protection System Manuals

Ice Protection (Anti-Ice or De-Ice) Manuals provide detailed maintenance, inspection and troubleshooting information for propeller and airframe mounted ice protection components supplied by Hartzell.

Application Guide

Application Guide is a complete catalog of every approved Hartzell installation sorted by aircraft make and model. The application guide provides a source for information that may be difficult to find through any other source.

Manual Revision Status Sheet

Get a pdf summary of the current revision number and revision date of all Hartzell manuals. The summary also includes the number of the last temporary revision if applicable. It is the quickest and easiest way to confirm that your Hartzell manuals are up to date.

Hartzell Propeller Integration Manuals

Hartzell Single-acting Propeller Integration Manual 190 for Turbine Engine Aircraft and Single-acting Propeller Integration Manual 191 for Reciprocating Engine Aircraft are intended to provide engineering information necessary for the proper integration of Hartzell propellers with engines and aircraft. The target audiences for these manuals are aircraft manufacturers, modifiers, kit developers, engine developers, and certification authorities.

The current revision level for these manuals is listed on the Hartzell Manual Revision Status sheet on the Hartzell Website

Distribution of Hartzell Propeller Integration Manuals is limited and controlled. Please contact Hartzell OEM Sales for more information.

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