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Hartzell Non-Aviation owner’s manuals provide information that includes a description and operation of the propeller, installation and removal instructions, testing and troubleshooting information, inspection and check, and maintenance practices information for Hovercraft and Wing-In-Ground-Effect Craft propellers.

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Title Revision Description
Manual 300 4 Operation, Maintenance Manual, and Logbook for Propeller Systems
HM-5V1-B1000-A HM-6V1-A1000-A
Manual 340  3 Wing-In-Ground-Effect Craft Propellers ( )HM-( )( )Y( )( )-1( ) and
( )HM-( )( )Y( )( )-2( ), Propeller Owner’s Manual and Logbook
Manual 350 3 Wing-In-Ground-Effect Craft Propellers Lightweight Turbine Propellers
HM-D4N-3( ), Propeller Owner’s Manual and Logbook
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