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Following is a list of Hartzell Service Instructions. All active Hartzell Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Service Instructions, and Service Advisories are available for purchase as part of the Hartzell Technical Documents Library on CD Rom. Contact New Parts Sales at 001 (937) 778-4201 (option 1) or e-mail

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Title Full/Partial Date Description Revision
Service Instruction Index Full Document Nov. 01, 2019 Service Instruction Index Nov. 01, 2019
SI-140A Full Document Mar 30, 2005 Propeller installation using B-3339 attaching bolt(Ref: AD 83-08-01R1, 86-06-02) 9
HC-SI-61-213 Full Document Sep/19 Uncrating Instructions for the Hartzell propeller Inc. DT-1724-5 Automated Rolling Machine Sep/19
HC-SI-61-214 Full Document Nov 01, 2019 DT-1724-5 Rolling Machine – Packaging Instructions Nov. 01, 2019
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