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Testimonial on Hartzell Composite Propeller for TBM 850

Date: July 14, 2014 Category: Blog
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Everyone on the Hartzell team takes great pride in designing and manufacturing the highest quality aircraft propellers for sale anywhere in the world. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a satisfied pilot. Recently we learned about a duo who really put their new composite propeller through its paces. Here is their story:

Ralph and Carole Ragland installed the new Hartzell Composite five-blade prop on their Socata TBM 850 (N850TV) a few weeks before departing on a month-long flying journey through Central and South America.

“We had no hesitation about making such a long trip out of the US because of our confidence in Hartzell and Socata.

Our journey included  stops in over seven countries. We flew almost 40 hours and over 11,000 miles enjoying seamless operation and great performance from our new prop without a problem.

In fact, the prop performed just like Hartzell advertised – greater acceleration, improved climb and cruise, and quieter operation. The increase in airspeed of 3 to 4 knots is significant and a shorter take off and landing distance certainty adds a comfort level when needed.

Bottom line – no regrets! The prop is a great investment and enhancement to our TBM.”

Thanks to Ralph and Carole for sharing their experience with us. Thousands of pilots rely on our props every day, but getting the chance to hear their stories first hand is really something special.

Want to read the story of another pilot who proudly flies one of our ASC-II Advanced Composite propellers? Read what Richard Johnston had to say about the composite propeller on his Vans RV-8.

If you would like to share an experience of your own, ask about our composite propellers for sale or just talk shop, contact us.

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