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Travel Guide: Winnipeg – Leading Edge, Vol. 1

Date: April 21, 2015 Category: Blog
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Unlocking Canada’s “Gateway to the West”

Winnipeg means “muddy water” in the language of the Western Cree. Modern Winnipeg is still a place where disparate elements form sublime new combinations. The landscape is a mosaic of primal earth and ancient waters stretched out toward the Manitoba sky. Its natural wonders blend with iconic works of modern architecture, and travelers from around the world merge with ancient cultures to form the timeless atmosphere that is uniquely Winnipeg.

Here are 5 reasons the “Gateway to the West” is a can’t-miss destination:

Lac du Bonnet Airport
Start off your trip with a breathtaking descent over the Winnipeg River. Lac du Bonnet is a small regional airport, so plan
in advance. The view will be well worth the effort.

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
Since 1988, this world-renowned celebration of comedy, drama and music has been keeping Winnipeg weird. July 15-26, 2015

The Forks National Historic Site
Men and women have been meeting at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red rivers for 6,000 years. Today, The Forks offer natural and man-made wonders with dining and entertainment in the heart of the city.

Assiniboine Park
Known as Winnipeg’s Emerald Jewel, this park houses gardens, playgrounds, a zoo and a conservatory with 4.5-sq-km of natural beauty.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Canada’s first national museum outside of Ottawa is a marvel of art and engineering. The new museum’s curators promise its exhibits create impressions even stronger than its architecture.

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