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WAI Celebrates Success of First Girls in Aviation Day

Date: October 15, 2015 Category: Blog
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Recently, Women in Aviation International (WAI), held the world’s first “Girls in Aviation Day.” WAI designed the inaugural event as an opportunity to take their message of opportunity for women in avaition to the next generation of aviators. By all accounts, it was a massive success. Young women from ages 4 to 18 took part in 49 events in 7 countries.

The future female flyers spent the day immersed in airports, FBOs and aviation museums. Activities included simulator flying, ATC tours, dressing in aviation gear, using aviation mechanics’ tools, learning the phonetic alphabet, getting inside the cockpit of jets and helicopters.

“ 91% of our chapters say that they would ‘enthusiastically’ host another Girls in Aviation Day. Nine percent more said they would ‘probably’ host another event and no one said no to next year,” says WAI President Dr. Peggy Chabrian.

With such positive feedback, it is no surprise that WAI has already set plans in motion for 2016. In fact, their anticipate the second annual Girls in Aviation Day, set for September 25, 2016, will be an even bigger than the first. That’s an ambitious goal, given that the recent event was publicized in newspapers as far away as Nigeria.

The entire Hartzell team extends our heartfelt congratulations to everyone at WAI and their partners on the success of this momentous event. We like to say that ‘Aviation is in our DNA,’ and nothing gets us more excited than watching future pilots fall in love with flight. When this generation of young women are ready to step into the cockpit, Hartzell will be there to ensure they have access to the safest and best performing propellers in the world.

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