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5 Great Reasons to Become a Pilot

Date: December 5, 2017 Category: Blog Tags: , , ,
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Whether you’re a long-time aviation enthusiast or a budding student pilot, there are plenty of advantages to earning your pilot’s license. Here’s why becoming a pilot is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:

Endless career opportunities

Becoming an airline pilot isn’t the only career option for aviators. From a career as a bush pilot in Alaska to fighting fires from the skies, becoming a pilot can open the door to a variety of exciting career opportunities around the world.

Pilots have the best views

It’s no secret that pilots have the best vantage point around. When you become a licensed pilot, you get to experience the world from a fresh perspective and explore new corners of the sky each time you fly.

Flying can make you smarter

Earning your pilot’s license is no small task. Throughout the training process, you’ll gain decision-making, risk management, and problem-solving skills. That’s not to mention the wealthy knowledge of physics, mathematics, and meteorology you’ll need to obtain your license.

Experience new destinations

Becoming a pilot gives you the opportunity to experience new destinations, whether you fly around your state or around the world. Best of all, flying in your own aircraft can get you there in a fraction of the time spent driving or flying commercially.

Share your passion with friends and family

Perhaps the best part of flying is sharing the thrill of flight with your friends and family. Whether you join a general aviation club or simply spend your time around the hangar, the aviation community is one of the most friendly and welcoming groups around.

What’s your top reason for becoming a pilot? Share in the comments below!

For more information about earning your pilot’s license, visit the FAA’s Become a Pilot guide.

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