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Image of Alice electric aircraft by Eviation Aircraft

All-Electric Alice Aircraft Edges Closer to First Flight

Date: June 15, 2021 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , , , ,
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The future of electric aviation is on the horizon. Last month, Eviation Aircraft moved one step closer to the first flight of its all-electric Alice aircraft with the delivery of the first electric propulsion unit (EPU), supplied by its sister company, magniX.

The first-of-its-kind Alice commuter aircraft aims to redefine regional air travel with the ability to carry nine passengers up to 440 nautical miles on a single battery charge. Designed from the ground up for electric flight, the Alice is equipped with components from world-class aviation partners, including custom-built, 5-blade structural composite Hartzell propellers.

The magniX EPU delivery marks a major milestone in propelling the Alice on its path towards a robust flight testing and certification program. MagniX’s EPUs have proven successful in powering several aircraft, including the revolutionary all-electric “eBeaver” prototype, which took flight in 2019. The innovative magni250 and magni500 electric propulsion systems are expected to complete FAA Part 33 certification in 2022.

“The Alice is the epitome of the future of air transportation. All-electric by design, taking advantage of light-weight, powerful, and reliable propulsion systems,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX, in a release. “Together, we will enable a great flying experience – zero emissions, quieter, lower cost, all from and to airports closer to more communities.”

Custom Propeller Systems for Electric and Hybrid-electric Aircraft

As the global leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing, Hartzell Propeller is uniquely qualified to assist in the creation of custom propeller systems for electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems. We enjoy working with experimental builders who are actively testing new technologies, including electric and hybrid-electric aircraft.

We work closely with our customers to understand the requirements and performance objectives of their hybrid-electric or all-electric aircraft so we can design the best product for their project and mission profile.

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