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How is Your Hartzell Propeller Painted?

Date: February 21, 2024 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , , ,
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Your propeller’s paint provides much more than ramp appeal. Paint is an important way to promote blade visibility on the ground and protect your propeller blades against corrosion and erosion. 

Ever wondered how your prop gets painted? Here’s an inside look at the process at Hartzell Propeller:

Blade Prep 

One of the last key processes in our manufacturing operations is applying paint to the propeller blades. But before they are painted, aluminum propeller blades need to be sanded to ensure a smooth, uniform finish. At Hartzell, we use automation and sophisticated robotics to move each blade quickly and efficiently through a series of different sanding belts to prep them for painting. 

Hartzell’s next-generation carbon fiber composite aircraft propeller blades undergo a very different, hands-on process. Aerospace-grade carbon fiber materials are fitted over a low-density foam core, then co-molded with the leading edge. After our proprietary resin injection and curing process, the blades are readied to be primed and painted. 

Paint Application 

Painting is the last step in our blade manufacturing process before inspection. Metal blades are loaded onto a conveyor, where a robotic arm applies a durable paint that is resistant to abrasion. After going through a drying system, the blades receive a second coat of paint. Then, they are prepared for final inspection. 

Robotic arm painting metal propeller blade

Our most popular propeller paint scheme for aluminum propellers is a gray camber and black face with white tip stripes, which suits most aircraft paint schemes. Custom paint schemes are available by special request, but regardless of color, safety is always a top priority. After all, contrasting blade tips serve a critical role in the visibility of a spinning prop on the ramp. 

Close up of hands placing Hartzell propeller sticker on propeller blades.

In our carbon fiber composite propeller manufacturing facility, the blade tips are hand-painted to exact specifications. Regardless of the propeller type, every single Hartzell propeller blade bears a decal with our motto, “Built On Honor,” reflecting our commitment to quality, integrity, and pride in craftsmanship. 

Maintaining Your Propeller’s Paint

It’s important to keep your propeller blades clean after every flight to prevent corrosion and preserve the protective layers of paint. Over time, you may find that your blades need a minor paint touch-up. If you have a Hartzell prop, only use the approved paints listed in your Hartzell Owner’s Manual, which have been specifically selected to be durable and resistant to abrasion.  

Hartzell Propeller Service Center Parts Inventory

When you send your propeller to ​​our state-of-the-art Service Center for an overhaul, you can expect your finished prop to be returned in “like-new” factory condition, including its original paint scheme. 

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