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Hartzell Teaches A&Ps How to Evaluate and Repair Minor Damage to Composite Propellers

Date: February 29, 2016 Category: Press Releases
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Hartzell's Kevin Ryan Explains Composite Propeller Repair

Hartzell’s Kevin Ryan Explains Composite Propeller Repair

Piqua, Ohio, Feb. 29, 2016 – Hartzell Propeller has created a series of how-to videos and a new field repair manual describing how to evaluate and repair Hartzell’s structural composite propeller blades when they suffer minor damage.

A true composite propeller is made from carbon fiber or Kevlar. “Unlike aluminum or wooden blades, Hartzell’s composite propeller blades can be restored to their original dimensions over and over again. These materials are incredibly durable, but they are not entirely immune to damage,” says Hartzell Technical Representative Kevin Ryan.

“Don’t be concerned if you experience minor damage from debris, such as a stone nick, paint damage, or a lead edge impact,” he says. “As with aluminum blades, composite blade damage can be evaluated and often repaired on-wing by a certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic using information provided by Hartzell.”

Information on evaluation and repair of damage on Hartzell composite blades is provided to aircraft mechanics in Hartzell Composite Propeller Blade Field Maintenance and Minor Repair Manual 170 and the companion videos, both available free on the Hartzell website.

In the companion videos, Ryan, who teaches repair classes around the world, walks viewers carefully through the evaluation and repair processes.

Hartzell Composite Propeller Blade Field Maintenance and Minor Repair Manual 170 can be reached on the Hartzell Propeller website under Services – Reference Library – Manuals, or at the following link:  Manual 170.

The companion how-to videos can be reached on the Hartzell Propeller website under News & Events – Videos or at the below links.
1. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Carbon Gouge Repair
2. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Carbon Tip Repair
3. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Carbon Trailing Edge Foam Repair
4. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Kevlar Gouge Repair
5. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Kevlar Tip Repair
6. Hartzell Composite Propeller – Kevlar Trailing Edge Foam Repair
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