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Redline Airshow pilots

Ken Rieder and Jon Thocker of Redline Airshows

Date: August 31, 2017 Category: 100 Years, Blog Tags: , , , ,
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If you’ve been to an airshow in the past 12 years, you’ve probably experienced the carefully-choreographed performances of Ken Rieder and Jon Thocker of Redline Airshows. Redline Airshows is a dynamic, 2-ship formation aerobatic performance team, performing opposing, inverted, and formation maneuvers to thrill crowds around the country.

Ken Rieder and Jon Thocker fly RV-8s and have been flying together for over 12 years. Their amazing fireworks flights often provide a thrilling finale for air shows. Hartzell Propeller is proud to provide the propellers for Redline Airshows, helping the team accomplish these daring maneuvers safely and effectively.

We had the chance to speak with Ken and Jon about the relationship between Redline Airshows and Hartzell Propeller in the video below.


Thank you, Ken and Jon, for your continued partnership with Hartzell Propeller and the kind words on the occasion of our 100th anniversary!

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