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3 Reasons to Register Your Hartzell Aircraft Propeller

Date: April 4, 2024 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , ,
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At Hartzell Propeller, we don’t just manufacture aircraft propellers — we genuinely care about the safety and satisfaction of the people who fly behind our products. 

If you have a Hartzell prop, registering it online is an important step that enables us to serve you even better. Here’s how:

#1: Provide Important Insight

Hartzell is proud to offer industry-leading warranties on our new props and Top Prop propeller conversions. Registering your propeller and providing information about your aircraft’s annual flight usage informs our programs and helps us ensure our warranties are effectively supporting our customers’ flying needs. 

#2: Access Technical Support and Updates

We want to ensure your propeller remains at peak performance and adheres to safety standards. Registering your Hartzell propeller makes it faster and easier for us to notify you regarding any potential updates, service bulletins, or safety notices relevant to your propeller model. 

As always, you have access to technical support directly from our propeller experts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your prop. 

#3: Document Service and Maintenance

Registering your Hartzell prop is also helpful when it comes to logging service and maintenance work with our Service Center. Having a comprehensive record of service is necessary for planning preventative maintenance and propeller overhauls. It’s also important to assess your propeller’s condition and value over time. When you register your prop, our team will have your contact information on hand to contact you regarding upcoming service or maintenance needs. 

Registering Your Hartzell Propeller

It’s easy to register your Hartzell propeller online. Simply fill out this form using your propeller model and serial number. If you have multiple Hartzell props, please fill out a separate form for each. 

How to Find Your Propeller and Blade Model

Wondering what propeller model you have? The complete propeller model is composed of both the basic propeller model and the blade model. It should be recorded near the front of your propeller logbook. A slash mark separates the basic propeller model and blade model designations.

You can find all the blade information on the decal located on the propeller cylinder/piston. 

Propeller cylinder / piston

How to Find Your Propeller Serial Number

Where’s your propeller serial number? You’ll find it impression stamped on the hub. Generally, Hartzell propeller serial numbers begin with a two-letter prefix followed by a series of numbers. The prefix denotes the basic propeller model, and the numbers indicate the sequence of production.

Propeller 3-blade compact

Register Your Hartzell Prop Today! It only takes a few minutes to register your Hartzell propeller online. If you have any questions for our technical team, please contact us today. We’re always standing by, ready to help!

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