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Hartzell Five-Blade Metal Propeller Systems Selected For Antonov An-28PT

PIQUA, Ohio — August 10, 1994 — Hartzell has been selected to supply five-bladed propeller systems for the Antonov An-28PT aircraft being assembled by PZL Mielec in Poland. The aluminum blade/steel hub Hartzell systems will be fitted to two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65B turboprop engines of 1100 HP. The new props weigh only 14 lbs. […]

Hartzell Proposes Five-Blade Metal Propeller Systems For Albatross Fire Fighting Conversion

PIQUA, Ohio — August 4, 1994 — Five-bladed Hartzell turboprop propeller systems have been proposed for use in the conversion of Grumman Albatross flying boats into highly capable fire fighters. Key design concerns for the propeller system include durability and reliability in the highly corrosive and erosive environment in which seaplanes operate. The proposed propeller […]

Antonov Selects Hartzell Five-Bladed Propellers For AN-38

PIQUA, Ohio — July 18, 1994 — Hartzell five-bladed propellers will form part of the American contribution to the Antonov AN-38 multi-role transport. 1,500 HP Garrett TPE-331-14GR engines complete the powerplant sections of the new Ukrainian aircraft. Functioning in conjunction with a high-wing, split tail design, the 2.85 m (9.3 ft.) propellers contribute to the […]

An Advanced Composite Propeller System Offers Aerobatic Pilots Superior Flight Performance

PIQUA, Ohio — July 14, 1994 — Hartzell Propeller is nearing certification of a new lightweight, three-bladed composite propeller system designed for use on aerobatic aircraft. The new propeller system will initially be certified on the Aviat Pitts Special S-2B. The system will be available to additional experimental aircraft category aircraft as a Hartzell Top […]

Hartzell Selected To Supply Propeller Systems For Colombian Developed Gavilan Utility Aircraft

PIQUA, Ohio — June 28, 1994 — Hartzell has been selected to supply propeller systems for the Gavilan utility aircraft which will be manufactured in Colombia. The Hartzell three-blade design features aluminum blades with a lightweight, compact aluminum hub and will be fitted with the aircraft’s TIO-540 Lycoming engine. This Hartzell system has years of […]

Australian Aviation Authorities Certify Hartzell Conquest II Propeller Conversion

PIQUA, Ohio — June 7, 1994 — Hartzell announced today that its Top Prop™ four-blade propeller conversion for the Cessna 441 Conquest II has been approved by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority. Installation of conversion kits on Australian registered aircraft is proceeding apace. Official approval of the new system includes replacement of original Hartzell and […]

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