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Hartzell Begins Production Of Three-Bladed Aerobatic Propeller System

PIQUA, Ohio — June 7, 1995 — Hartzell Propeller announced today that it is beginning full-scale production of its three-bladed DuPont Kevlar composite aerobatic propeller system. To date, the certified propeller system (TC pending) has undergone months of in-flight operation with Patty Wagstaff’s BF Goodrich Aerospace Extra 300. In addition, the system has been tested […]

Cessna Cardinal Gets Hartzell’s New Extended Spinner

PIQUA, Ohio — May 25, 1995 — Hartzell Propeller announced today that it will begin installing a new extended spinner for Cessna 177 Cardinals. The extension accommodates Hartzell’s popular Top Prop™ three-bladed, high performance propeller system on 177B and 177RG Cardinals. The spinner will more closely fair the propeller system with the Cardinal’s existing engine […]

Hartzell To Give Away a New Cessna 180/182 Three-Bladed Propeller System at Oshkosh

PIQUA, Ohio — May 19, 1995 — Hartzell announced today that it will be offering a new three-bladed propeller system under its Top Prop™ Performance Propeller Conversion program. The new system for the popular Cessna 180 and 182 Centurion aircraft will be the company’s largest STC to date, offering more than 20,000 pilots the opportunity […]

A New Three-Bladed Hartzell Propeller Design Is Selected For The Zlin 242L Aerobatic Trainer

PIQUA, Ohio — September 28, 1994 — Well known Czech Republic aircraft manufacturer, Moravan, has selected a Hartzell three-bladed constant speed propeller system for its Zlin 242L trainer aircraft. The North American importer of the aircraft is Zlin Aerospace North America located in Barrie, Ontario. The 242L is certified and operated in the United States […]

Hartzell Service Center Receives Mooney M20K Propeller De-Ice Approval For Top Prop Conversions

PIQUA, Ohio — September 9, 1994 — The Hartzell Service Center announced today that it has received from the FAA an amendment to STC SA1505GL allowing installation of an electric propeller de-icing system. The Top Prop™ three-bladed conversion for the Mooney M20K (231, 252 and TSE) will now be available with electric de-ice for those […]

Grumman Tracker Turboprop Conversions To Feature Five-Bladed Hartzell Propeller Systems

PIQUA, Ohio — August 16, 1994 — Both Marsh Aviation and Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) have developed turboprop conversions of the Grumman Tracker that feature advanced Hartzell propeller systems. The conversions include replacement of the original radial engines with Garrett TPE-331-15 turboprops as well as replacement of the original props with new Hartzell five-blade constant […]

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