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Hartzell Pilot Stories: Hear from the Pilots Flying Behind Hartzell Propellers

Date: September 15, 2023 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , , ,
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At Hartzell Propeller, nothing makes us happier than connecting with the satisfied customers who fly behind our propellers. From general aviation pilots who fly recreationally to the world’s top aerobatic aviators, it’s an honor to hear from the pilots who rely on our props day in and day out.

Recently, a few of our remarkable friends in the aviation industry took the time to share their pilot stories with us for a new video series.

In case you missed it, the first part of this series features some familiar faces from across the aviation community, including:

Willie Stene

Willie is well-known among Cessna owners and pilots as the manager of Stene Aviation, an FAA PMA replacement parts manufacturer. He was also one of the first pilots to install the Hartzell Voyager aluminum propeller, our custom-designed 3-blade propeller upgrade for the Cessna Skywagon fleet.

For Willie, backcountry flying is a lifestyle. He relies on the STOL performance of his Voyager propeller to get him in and out of the diverse terrain and scenic wilderness of Northwest Montana.

Get a glimpse of Willie’s backcountry flying adventures here:

Amy Gesch

Wipaire is recognized worldwide for quality products and engineering expertise, with over 100 Supplemental Type Certificated modifications for improved performance, convenience, and reliability. As Sales Director for Wipaire, Amy Gesch shares her passion for general aviation on a daily basis with customers and the aviation community. And, as a pilot, she deeply understands the importance of reliable performance upgrades, like Hartzell’s Trailblazer propeller for the Wipaire Boss 182 conversion.

Learn more about Amy’s pilot journey and Wipaire’s commitment to outstanding performance:

Kevin Coleman

Since starting airplane and aerobatic flight lessons at the age of 10, Kevin Coleman has made a name for himself as an in-demand air show performer and fierce air race competitor.

Hailing from Louisiana, Kevin brings extraordinary energy and skill to every aerobatic performance. He was also one of the first to fly behind Hartzell’s newest high-performance aerobatic propeller — the 3-blade carbon fiber Talon. You may have seen his vibrant Red Bull Extra 300 aircraft in action at SUN ‘n FUN or Oshkosh 2023! 

Watch as Kevin shares what Hartzell’s Built On Honor motto means to him:

Greg Koontz

With over 45 years of aerobatic experience, Greg Koontz makes it look easy. After all, he knew he wanted to become an air show pilot at just seven years old! Today, Greg is living his dream as an aerobatic instructor and air show pilot, showcasing his skill and expertise around the world. 

Greg has also been a certified flight instructor since 1972, and has experience flying more than 170 types of aircraft. He’s best known for pushing the performance of his signature red American Champion Super Decathlon equipped with Hartzell’s durable Trailblazer propeller. 

See Greg’s story here:

Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian is one of the most decorated aerobatic pilots and recognized aviation professionals in North America. Growing up at his family’s flight school, Mike quickly discovered the joy of flying and was inspired to put in the practice, dedication, and hard work to become a world-class aerobatic pilot from an early age. As he puts it, “Flying is my entire life. It’s all that I’ve ever known.”

Mike has spent much of his 30-year career flying behind Hartzell Propeller’s Claw aerobatic composite propeller, and now, the next-generation Talon carbon fiber propeller. His signature air show performance combines the heart-stopping gyroscopic tumbling of modern display flying with the crisp, aggressive demands of competition aerobatics. Every push or pull, every roll of the airplane is a deliberate execution of precision that demands the propeller deliver exceptional performance time and time again.

Hear what Mike has to say about the Talon propeller and his longtime relationship with Hartzell:

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