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Our second issue of Leading Edge features interviews with ace aerobatic pilots and some of the best FBO’s in aviation. It’s another incredible issue with maintenance tips from our team of elite aircraft engineers, a peek inside our exacting manufacturing process, and personal stories from pilots around the globe. After nearly a century in the industry, these are the stories that get us excited. We think you’ll enjoy them too.

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Meet the Unlimited LIfe Propeller Blade

Unlimited life propeller blades can endure multiple overhauls while maintaining optimum safety and performance.


Done in One Manufacturing

Cellular Automation with Metrology is a Game Changer or Hartzell Propeller.


Tumbles and Thrills

An interview with ace aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker.



2015 Dubai Air Show

Check out the show highlights.


Aircraft Spotlight: Piper J-3 Cub

A brief history about the classic cub.

Maurice Wills – Canadian Propeller

Recommended Service Facility: Canadian Propeller

Great Service from the great white north.


De-mystifying De-icing

Safety first! How does de-icing work?


Recommended Service Facility: American Propeller

Inside of the best prop shops on the west coast.


RV6 Builder Shares His Secret for Better Engine Performance

Ken Cantrell gives "big props" to Hartzell.

Hartzell 5 blade composite on PC-12

5-Blade Carbon Fiber Propellers for PC-12s

Look close at the new swept-tip prop for Pilatus.

Hartzell Propeller