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When you think Cessna propeller driven aircraft, two major qualities come to mind. First, they are no nonsense, safe, easy to fly trainers and personal aircraft; and second, they are some of the hardest working, robust, utility airplanes ever built. Hartzell propeller has been there all along. The first Cessna 182s, 205s, and 210s were equipped with Hartzell propellers. Turboprop powered Cessna 208 Caravans and, 425 and 441 Conquests were all introduced with Hartzell propellers as standard equipment. More recently, the new diesel powered 182JT-A and 867 hp, High Gross Weight 208B Caravan EX have been introduced to the world with new Hartzell 3-blade propellers all proudly displaying the Hartzell “Built on Honor” logo. Hartzell’s Top Prop program continues this long tradition by offering 2-, 3-, and 4-blade conversions featuring the latest in blended airfoil scimitar technology for most single engine Cessnas, 2- or 3-blade Top Prop conversions for all Cessna 310s, and a low noise 4-blade option for the Honeywell powered Cessna 441 Conquest. When you’re in the market for the best propeller available for your Cessna, Hartzell Top Prop has a solution for you. Download the full Cessna catalog here.

170A, 170B

Complete Kit

172, 172A-I, 172K-N, 172P, 175, 175A-C

O-360 (2-blade)

R172K Hawk XP


172RG Cutlass RG

O-360-F1A6 engine

172F through 172S and Reims/Cessna F172F though F172P

Centurion Diesel Engine (3-blade)

177B, 177RG Cardinal

O-360-A1F6(D) 180HP engine

177B, 177RG (Reims) Cardinal

IO-360-A1B6(D) 200HP engine


80″dia standard blade (Land,Sea & Amphib)
82″ dia. scimitar blade

182 Skylane

O-470 (2-blade)
O-470 (3-blade)

182S, 182T, T182T

82″ diameter – w/de-ice
82″ diameter – w/o de-ice

182 thru 182R and F182P & Q

82″ scimitar

R182, FR182, TR182 and T182 with

82″ diameter

R182, FR182, TR182

82″ diameter

A185E, F

78″ dia
80″ dia
84″ & 86″ dia
80″ dia scimitar


82″ dia scimitar blade

A188, A188A, A188B


206, T206

78″ dia std. hub
80″ dia std. hub
78″ dia ext. hub
80″ dia ext. hub
82″ dia. std hub
84″ & 86″ dia. std hub
80″ dia. std. hub, scimitar blade
82″ dia. std hub, scimitar blade
80″ dia. ext hub, scimitar blade
82″ dia. ext. hub; scimitar blade

207, 207A

78″ dia
80″ scimitar
80″ dia

T207, T207A

82″ scimitar

208-208B Caravan

3-blade (de-ice)
3-blade (start-locks)
3-blade (start-locks /de-ice)
4-blade (de-ice)
3-blade (fluid anti-ice)
3-blade (start-locks / fluid anti-ice)

208-208B Caravan EX


210, 210A, B, C, 205, 205A


210-210C, 210-5, -5A

82″ dia. scimitar


82″ dia scimitar

T210M, T210N, P210N

82″ scimitar, no de-ice
82″ scimitar, w/ de-ice


82″ scimitar, no de-ice
82″ scimitar w/de-ice (T210L only)

210F-N, T210F-L

78″ dia. scimitar blade

210K thru 210N

80″ scimitar, no de-ice
80″ scimitar w/de-ice

310-310H, E310H

2-blade (anti-ice)

310I, P, Q, R, T310P-R

No de-ice

310J, K, L, N

No de-ice

441 Conquest II

4-blade (Repl. Hz)
4-blade (Repl. McC)

Hartzell Propeller