• Light As Air, Tough As Nails

    Small, lightweight, and powerful, our new Bantam 3-bladed propeller provides greater performance for weight-sensitive airframes. Learn more here.

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The Hartzell Service Center is focused on only one product line, so whether it’s a 2-blade metal propeller or a 6-blade composite system, our understanding of Hartzell airplane propellersHartzell Propeller: Contact Us is unparalleled. If you demand the best for your aircraft, don’t settle for anything less.


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  • Hartzell Propeller Certifications Fly Forward in China

    It may be hard to imagine, but aviation was not always a global industry. When Robert Hartzell began making airplane propellers for the Wright brothers, aviation was considered a spectacle. A lot has changed since that time. As air travel has spread across the world, Hartzell surged forward to match Read more →

  • Western Michigan University Celebrates 75 Years of Aviation

    Aviation education is a core value at Hartzell. The students of today are the pilots of tomorrow, and Western Michigan University College of Aviation has produced some of the finest men and women in the skies. The college was founded in 1939 as the WMU School of Aviation. Today it Read more →