• Light As Air, Tough As Nails

    Small, lightweight, and powerful, our new Bantam 3-bladed propeller provides greater performance for weight-sensitive airframes. Learn more here.

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The Hartzell Service Center is focused on only one product line, so whether it’s a 2-blade metal propeller or a 6-blade composite system, our understanding of Hartzell airplane propellersHartzell Propeller: Contact Us is unparalleled. If you demand the best for your aircraft, don’t settle for anything less.


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  • Hartzell Propellers Reduce Noise for World’s Fastest Turboprop

    Last week, Hartzell and Piaggio Aero Industries announced big news: the next generation of the Piaggio Avanti EVO will sport a pair of newly designed Hartzell props. The EVO has long been one of the fastest turboprop aircraft, and this new version is the fastest production turboprop thanks in part Read more →

  • Hartzell Celebrates #SharkWeek

    It’s Shark Week, the time when people across the globe stop to appreciate the ocean’s most mysterious and misunderstood creature, and a common subject of aircraft “nose art,” the shark. Hartzell has been a part of the aviation industry since nose art first rose to prominence, during WWI, and we Read more →