• Light As Air, Tough As Nails

    Small, lightweight, and powerful, our new Bantam 3-bladed propeller provides greater performance for weight-sensitive airframes. Learn more here.

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The Hartzell Service Center is focused on only one product line, so whether it’s a 2-blade metal propeller or a 6-blade composite system, our understanding of Hartzell airplane propellersHartzell Propeller: Contact Us is unparalleled. If you demand the best for your aircraft, don’t settle for anything less.


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  • Flying Magazine Names Fastest Aircraft

    The team over at Flying assembled a list of the world’s fastest aircraft, and we were proud to see some very familiar names at the top. Of course, even our fastest prop can’t outrun jet-powered speed demons like the SR-71 Blackbird, but we are proud to say we’ve left an Read more →

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Celebrates 50 Years of Collaboration

    This year, Pratt & Whitney Canada is celebrating the 50 year history of the PT6 engine. This high performance engine, P&WC and their loyal following at PT6 Nation have been loyal partners in Hartzell’s quest to produce the finest airplane propeller systems in the world. The first PT6 to leave Read more →