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We archive an extensive collection of STC Installation documents here.

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33, 35 BONANZA/DEBONAIR (IO-470) SA818CE SA818CE_INST.pdf 31-Mar-95
33, 35, 36 BONANZA/DEBONAIR (IO-520) SA785CE SA785CE_INST.pdf 1-Mar-99
33, 35, 36 BONANZA/DEB (IO-520, IO-550, SCIMITAR) SA10135SC SA10135SC_INST.pdf 24-Jun-03 B
33, 35, 36 BON/DEB (IO-520, IO-550, SCIMITAR W/ELECTRIC DE-ICE) SA02556CH-D SA02556CH-D_INST.pdf 23-Jan-08
A36, G36 BONANZA (IO-550) SA00719LA SA00719LA_INST-1.pdf 4-May-07 G
B36TC (TSIO-520) SA00718LA SA00718LA_INST-1.pdf 16-Apr-07 F
55 BARON (IO-470-L) SA795CE SA795CE_INST.pdf 4-Jun-04 A
55 BARON (IO-470-L, SCIMITAR) SA01463WI SA01463WI_INST.pdf 18-Nov-09
55, 58 BARON (SCIMITAR) SA02561CH-D SA02561CH-D_INST.pdf 3-Jun-11 A
55, 58 BARON (IO-520) SA773CE SA773CE_INST-1.pdf 4-Jun-04 A
58 BARON (IO-550) SA5533NM SA5533NM_INST.pdf 6-Jun-07 I
58 BARON (IO-520, IO-550, SCIMITAR) SA10551SC SA10551SC_INST.pdf 29-Sep-09 D
95 SERIES TRAVEL AIR SA00722CH SA00722CH_INST.pdf 18-Jul-05 C
170A, 170B (180hp Lycoming Engine) SA01111CH SA01111CH_INST.pdf 10-Sep-99
172, 172A-I, 172K-N, 172P, 175, 175A-C (180hp Lyc) SA02186AK SA02186AK_INST.pdf 19-Nov-01
172F-172S & F172F-F172P (Bantam hub, ASCII comp) SA03300CH SA03300CHINST-Rev-1-signed.pdf 9-Sep-16 1
R172 HAWK XP (3 BLADE SCIMITAR) SA0278CH SA02078CH_INST.pdf 3-Dec-04
172RG CUTLASS RG (2 BLADE SCIMITAR) SA03373CH SA03373CH_INST.pdf 12/12/2012 IR
177 CARDINAL (3 BLADE) SA1556GL SA1556GL_INST.pdf 19-Oct-09 A
177RG, F177RG, 177B (2 BLADE SCIMITAR) SA04200CH sa04200.pdf 10-Apr-17 IR
180, 182 (O-470, 2 BLADE SCIMITAR) SA04353CH SA04353CHINST_IR-signed.pdf 5-Nov-18 IR
180 (O-470) SA00852AT SA00852AT_INST.pdf 9-Apr-08 C
180, 182, 185, 206, 207, 210 (3-BLADE SCIMITAR) SA02821CH SA02821CH_INST-1.pdf 11-Jul-13 B
182 (O-470, STRAIGHT 2-BLADE), (O-470, SCIMITAR 3-BLADE) SA09000SC SA09000SC_INST.pdf 22-Aug-00
R182, FR182, TR182, T182, 182S, 182T, T182T (O-540, IO-540 SCIM) SA03078CH SA03078CH1010-3INSTRev1.pdf 26-Oct-12 1
A185E & F (78″, 80″ DIAMETER, IO-520-D) SA1443NM SA1443NM_INST-1.pdf 17-Jun-94
A185E & F (84″, 86″ DIAMETER, IO-520-D) SA02528CH-D SA02528CH-D_INST.pdf 17-Jul-07
A188, A188A, A188B SA00470AT SA00470AT_INST.pdf 17-Jan-94
206, (T)U206, (T)P206, U206G, TU206, P206, (T)P206 (78″, 80″ DIAMETER) SA685AL SA685AL_INST.pdf 15-Sep-06 3
206, (T)U206, (T)P206 (82″, 84″, 86″ DIAMETER) SA02752CH-D SA02752CH-D_INST.pdf 31-Mar-09
T206H (TIO-540) SA03162CH SA03162CH_INST.pdf 15-Oct-12 IR
207, 207A (IO-520); T207, T207A (IO-520) SA696AL SA696AL_INST.pdf 30-Aug-01 A
208. 208A, 208B CARAVAN (3-BLADE) SA02181AK SA02181AK_INST.pdf 31-Mar-16 3
208, 208A, 208B CARAVAN (4-BLADE) SA02092AK SA02092AK_INST.pdf 10/23/2012 A
210-210C, 205, 205A (IO-470, 2-BLADE) SA02246CH-D SA02246CH-D_INST.pdf 4/28/2005
210F-N, T210F-L (3-BLADE SCIMITAR) SA00773AT SA00773AT_INST.pdf 15-Jun-08 B
310, 310A-H, E310H (O-470, IO-470, 2-BLADE) SA00799CH SA00799CH_INST.pdf 6-Oct-97
310I,P-R, T310P-R, 310J, E310J, 310J-1, 310K,L,N SA234CH sa234ch.pdf 14-Jan-98
441 CONQUEST II SA00058AT SA00058AT_inst.pdf 28-Jun-94 4
M20A-J SA02414CH-D SA02414CH-D_INST.pdf 13-Oct-10 E
M20C,E,E,F,G,J SA4529NM M20INST_011810-Rev-A-2.pdf 10-Feb-15 A
M20K SA1505GL SA1505GL_INST.pdf 1-Feb-93
M20R OVATION & OVATION II SA02004CH M20INST_011810-Rev-A-2.pdf 10-Feb-15 A
M20R, M20S, M20TN ACCLAIM SA03024CH SA03024CH_INST-IR-2.pdf 25-Oct-11
PA23, PA23-160 APACHE SA00721CH SA00721CH-D_INST.pdf 16-Dec-02 1
PA23-250 AZTEC SA02874CH-D SA02874CH-D_INST.pdf 14-Dec-10
PA24-180 (7666-4 BLADE OR 7497 SCIMITAR BLADE) SA00631CH SA00631CH_INST.pdf 19-Feb-13
PA24-260, 260B, 260C, COMANCHE SA288CH SA288CH_INST-1.pdf 4-Apr-14 A
PA28R-180,200,201 ARROW SA4528NM SA4528NM_INST-1.pdf 6-Jan-14
PA28R-201T, PA28RT-201T TURBO ARROW III & IV SA01024CH SA01024CH_INST.pdf 3-Feb-99
PA28-235 PATHFINDER SA01190LA SA01190LA_INST.pdf 13-Aug-01
PA28-236 DAKOTA SA01191LA SA01191LA_INST.pdf 12-Sep-01 A
PA30 TWIN COMANCHE, PA39 SA557GL SA557GL_INST.pdf 12-Mar-04 A
PA32-260 CHEROKEE SIX SA1105CH SA1105CH_INST.pdf 8-Jul-99
PA32- ( ) ( ) – 300 LANCE, CHEROKEE SIX SA1791GL SA1791GLINST032315.pdf 23-Mar-15
PA32RT-300T TURBO LANCE II SA3181NM SA3181NM_INST.pdf 30-May-85
PA32RT-300T TURBO LANCE II, PA32R-301T TURBO SARATOGA SA04274CH SA04274CH_INST_020918.pdf 9-Feb-18
PA34-200T SENECA II SA1118SO SA1118SO_INST.pdf 22-Jan-08 D
PA34-220T SENECA III SA649GL SA649GL_INST.pdf 8-Feb-08 D
PA44-180 SEMINOLE SA03022CH SA03022CH_INST.pdf 23-May-11
PA46-310P MALIBU SA01616CH SA01616CH_INST.pdf 16-Mar-09 2
PA46-350P (EARLY) MIRAGE SA02677CH-D SA02677CH-D_INST1.pdf 8-Aug-08
PA46-350P (LATER) MIRAGE, PA46R-350T MATRIX SA02677CH-D SA02677CH-D_INST2.pdf 8-Aug-08
PA46-500TP MALIBU MERIDIAN / M500 SA04045CH SA04045CHINST_020215-Rev-IR_signed.pdf 10-Dec-15
ACA SCOUT (180hp); ACA SCOUT DENALI (210hp) “TRAILBLAZER” SA09855AC SA09855AC-Install-Inst.pdf 17-Jan-16 C
ACA SUPER DECATHLON (180hp) “TRAILBLAZER” SA09892AC SA09892AC-Inst-Rev-B-signed.pdf 19-Jun-19 B
A-1 thru A-1C-180, & A-1C-200 HUSKY (180hp, 200hp) “TRAILBLAZER” SA11177SC SA11177SC_INST.pdf 24-Jun-14 B
112TC, 112TCA COMMANDER, 112, 112A-B SA00499SE SA00499SE_INST.pdf 15-Aug-01 A
TWIN COMMANDER 500 SA01792SE SA01792SE_INST.pdf 1-Jul-07
TB20, TB21 SA01192CH SA01192CH_INST.pdf 14-Jan-00
TBM 700 / 850  (5 BLADE ALL CARBON COMPOSITE) SA03291CH SA03291CH_INST_031716_Rev-E.pdf 17-Mar-16 E
DA 40(XL)  (7497 & 7605 BLADES) SA02476CH-D SA02476CH-D_INST.pdf 10-Apr-08 C
M7  SA226-TC METRO II   (except s/n TC-398 through TC-418) SE01461NY & SA01462NY SA01462NY_INST.pdf 20-Nov-01
M -( ) – 235 (2400 RPM) 2 & 3 BLADE COMPOSITE “TRAILBLAZER” SA04320CH SA04320chINST-010918_RevA.pdf 17-Aug-18 A
PC-6 (P & W) SA377CH STC-SA377CH-INST-Rev-D.pdf 28-Sep-15 D
PC-12  (TO S/N 1575) 5 BLADE COMPOSITE SA03466CH INST_030314.pdf 16-Apr-19 B
PC-12 (When STC SA02266LA was previously installed) SA03466CH INST_110215.pdf 16-Apr-19 A
SR22 4 BLADE COMPOSITE SA04468CH INST-021320 7-Apr-20
Hartzell Propeller